Today’s article is the last one in our follow-up to the activities of the 35th edition of the Neapolis International Children’s Theater Festival. 8 days have passed quickly and have been full of performances, cultural and educational activities, in addition to street theater and outdoor entertainment.

The events of today, December 25, 2022, have brought with the charm of the closing. There were feelings of joy after the great success of the 35th edition, but also of sadness because of the expected goodbye. 

The day was larked with a strong presence since the four shows were sold out, the parents took advantage of the weekend to bring their children who had missed the activities of the previous days, especially since today is the end of the shows. 

The atmosphere of the “Medina” Yasmine Hammamet was festive, as the Odyssey cinema hall, Yasmine Hammamet, hosted at its full capacity the last performance of the Tunisian play « Salima and the stork ». This show ended around 1:00 p.m., giving the children the opportunity to take souvenir pictures before giving way to the closing events of the festival.

The closing speech was led by the director of the festival, Ms. Amina El-Dachrawi.

The director underlined the importance of this edition which represented a challenge after a two-year break due to the sanitary conditions of the Corona pandemic. She also thanked all the organizations who contributed to the success of the festival in its organizational level added to logistics and communication. It should be remembered The main contributors were:

-The presidency of the government

-Ministry of Cultural Affairs

-Ministry of Family, Women, Children and the Elderly

-Municipality of Nabeul

-The Medina of Yasmine Hammamet

-Parhelion and Phenakis

  -Papillon Tunisia

  -La com chez-vous

The closing of the Neapolis International Children’s Theater Festival was through the Egyptian play « Ali Baba and the forty thieevs » at the Odyssée cinema hall, Yasmine El Hammamet. In addition to two other shows at Culture Hall of Nabeul, entitled « Sabra and the beast » and « The beauty and the beast »

In conclusion, the director of the festival announced the theme of the next edition, which will be under the title « Theater for children and the environment ».