Drawing is an embodiment of beauty, and theater is an embodiment of ideas, and together they are among the most effective means of educating and enlightening « Ibrahim Al-Bulayhi »

Yesterday, Friday, December 24, 2022, was the sixth day of the 35th edition of The Neapolis International Festival Kid’s Theater. An edition that was and still is ceremonial and educational. These events represented an outlet for children after the stress of exams and an opportunity for parents who wish to help their children improve their social and cognitive abilities and entertaining them at the same time.

The beginning of our coverage of the events of this day will be from the city of Nabeul, the capital of the festival, where the Egyptian play « Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves » returned in a second performance, this time at the culture hall in Nabeul, after the successful first performance, artistically and publicly, in Cesar Yasmine Hammamet Hall, last Tuesday. The culture hall program continued with a performance of the Belgian play « Sinbad », which ended at approximately 4:30. Tickets cost 5 dinars per show.

The presence of the Arab countries was remarkable in this edition, due to their belief in the value of the festival and respect for its rich history of 35 years. In addition to the countries of Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria and Egypt, pioneer in the field of theater and cinema, the United Arab Emirates also participated with the play “The moon girl”, which started at 3 pm in the Odyssey Cinema Hall, Yasmine Hammamet, preceded by a morning show of the play « The forest of dreams ».

We move to L’olivier Hall, Yasmine Hammamet, which hosted today two consecutive performances of the play “In Your Dreams” between 12:00 and 3:00. It is worth noting that this performance is dedicated to infants, or what is known as “Infant Theatre”, presented by a French troupe coming specially from the city of Montpellier. Cesar Yasmine Hammamet auditorium hosted « The farm Doctor » dedicated to all ages, which was followed by another show in the evening entitled « Avan » that lasted for about an hour, and the hall’s program for this day ended at approximately 5 pm.

We conclude our coverage of today’s shows with a return to Yasmine Hammamet Hall 3’s program,which hosted a fairy tale performed by « Youssef El-Baqlouti ». This show was the last in the Days of Fable program that has entertained children since the beginning of the festival through 5 performances starting since last Monday.