The Neapolis International Festival Kid’s Theater, in its 35th edition, is halfway to the end by this day, Thursday, December 22, 2022. This edition was one of the brightest editions in the history of the festival in terms of public attendance and festive atmosphere, but especially the ethnic and civilizational diversity and the multiplicity of foreign nationalities participating, which adds cultural and knowledge richness that benefits the participating children. 

The foreign presence in the events of this day was very remarkable, as the present children enjoyed four French shows, two Brazilian shows, a show from the State of Croatia, in addition to a Tunisian show and a scientific symposium.

We start our coverage of the events, as usual, from the culture hall in Nabeul, which hosted a Brazilian morning show entitled « If the Street Was Mine », then followed by an evening show of a play from the same country, entitled « My Little Ox Wants to Play. » The events of the culture hall in Nabeul ended with the departure of the foreign delegation to perform in the streets. It ended at about 5pm.

Moving to “Medina”, Yasmine Hammamet, where the participating French bands had 4 performances. Cesar Yasmine Hammamet auditorium hosted the play « Sensitive lab » starting at 11:30 am, then a second French performance in the evening of the same day, titled  » I will go,I am going and I am in Uhan ».

Two consecutive performances of the French play “In Your Dreams” were also performed in Olivier Yasmine Hammamet , where the hall opened its doors from 11 am to 5 pm for children and parents whose number exceeded 30. The Odyssey Cinema Hall did not lag behind the events of this day, as it received the Croatian theatrical art Which was manifested through a performance of the play « Which Planet Are You ». The play received a very positive reaction from the children present, who climbed on to the stage during and after the play to shake hands with the actors and play with them.

Hall 3 Yasmine Hammamet is the only one that hosted a Tunisian performance today, represented in a fairy tale by Raeda El Garmazi, titled « The Forest Tells recounts », which was aimed to children of almost all ages, starting from 3 years old.

In addition to the foreign and local entertainment shows, the educational and scientific aspects were also present through the scientific symposium « Children’s Theater and Modern Technologies », which is directly linked with the thematic of this edition, which is the effects of modern technology on children in relation to children’s theater.

In the end, we remind the parents that the activities of the festival will come to an end in three days, it’s an opportunity to take the children to enjoy the holiday and change the atmosphere after the end of the exams.