Wednesday 21 December 2022 is the fourth day of the 35th edition of the Neapolis International Festival Kid’s Theater, which started on sunday 18 December 2022 and will continue until Sunday 25 December2022.

The events of this day, which were within the range of 9 activities, represented an extension of the program lined up by the festival management, which was full of theatrical performances, seminars, open space activities and street theater.

The culture hall in Nabeul, one of the most important places of the festival in the previous days, continued to host theatrical performances, as the State of Lebanon made an appearance for the first time in this edition through the play « Clown Me In » dedicated to children aged 7 years and above, which was shown in the morning, starting from the 11am. The children enjoyed a second performance of the same play in the evening

Yesterday, the city of Nabeul witnessed most of the events, especially the children’s carnival « Neapolis meeting ». But today’s activities were concentrated more in “Medina”, Yasmine Hammamet, with 3 theatrical performances and two seminars. 

We start with the Odyssey Cinema Yasmine Hammamet, hosting the outstanding Cypriot show « Still », which started at 15:30 and lasted more than an hour. The show focused on Cypriot culture and the island’s historical richness.  This play was greatly admired and applauded by more than 80 viewers. 

The activities of this edition were not devoid of activities dedicated to children with special needs, as the Cesar Yasmine Hammamet auditorium hosted a Tunisian performance especially deaf and non-deaf child, entitled « The trusty Friend ». The show ended at 12:30, leaving the room for the Latin atmosphere that prevailed in the hall during the evening through the Brazilian play « If the Street Were Mine ». This show is the first in this edition for the bands coming from the country of « Samba » . It will be followed by another show tomorrow at culture hall in Nabeul, entitled « My Little Ox Wants to Play ».

It is worth noting that the celebration of the new edition of the book « Puppet Arts in Arab Culture » by Dr. Adnan Salloum took place today in Yasmine Hammamet, where it was presented by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Majri.

We conclude our follow-up to the events of this day with a “Performing arts master class with students and educators” symposium which took place in Hall 3 Yasmine Hammamet, where theatrical lessons and workshops were presented.