Neapolis Festival 18, 19 December

Recap of the opening of the 35th edition of the Neapolis International Festival Kid’s Theatre Tunisia

Since the morning of sunday, December 18, 2022, the opening of the activities of the 35th edition of the Neapolis International Festival Kid’s Theater began between the cities of Nabeul and Yasmine Hammamet at the same time ,according to the scheduled program. 

The two cities witnessed various activities and performances, as the Culture Hall in Nabeul hosted the first Tunisian show, « The genuis of Baghdad », which started at 11 and lasted for about an hour, in the presence of more than 120 children who were overjoyed with these entertaining activities.

The turnout increased and the number of attendees escalated in the second Tunisian show, “Swans », which lasted for more than an hour and ended at 4:30, ending the activities of the first day for the city of Nabeul, which were dedicated to children aged from 5 years old and older.

The schedule of “La Medina” Yasmine Hammamet was also diversified in terms of performances, as the play « Banana Forest » was launched at 11 in the Odyssey Cinema Hall, then it was followed by an evening theatrical show entitled « The kingdom of Colors » presented by an Algerian troupe. More than 50 children aged between 6 and 7 years old attended these two shows.

As for yesterday, December 19, 2022, the street activities started from 8 at Al-Jarra, Nabeul, where the artist Fadi Mahawashy presented a comedy show, followed by an evening show by the same artist in Al-Ahwash, while the artist Wael Al-Sahili and his band revived a musical performance in Al-Akwes.

The performances continued in the Culture Hall of Nabeul, through a morning performance from the State of Iraq, entitled « The Short iPhone », and then the Tunisian play « The Bird of Paradise » in the evening of the same day. The two shows were sold out and witnessed a heavy turnout and a wonderful atmosphere.

“La Medina” Hotel witnessed a theatrical performance from Lebanon, before the start of the « Days of the tale » program, which had an Egyptian flavor through the fairy tale « The bewitched Seed », before giving way to the main event of this day, which is the official opening ceremony of the festival at the Odyssey Hall in “La Medina” Yasmine Hammamet, which was presented by the actress Rabab Srairi.

The Minister of Women, Family, Childhood and the Elderly, Amal Belhaj Moussa, started the ceremony, where she emphasized through her speech the importance of working on the educational, cultural and entertainment aspects of childhood. The general coordinator of the festival, Mr. Nizar Chemingui, brought up some figures and mentioned that this edition will focus on the impact of modern technologies on children among the advantages and the disadvantages in relation to the children’s theater.

At the end of the ceremony, a group of the association’s veterans Mr.Hammadi Al-Dimasi, Mr.Radhi Al-Qalal. Mr.AbdulSattar al-Adeeb and Fahri al-Qumati were honored 

It is noteworthy that transportation to and from Yasmine Hammamet by bus was free and will continue being free during the first three days of the opening. To increase the attendance and to enhance the communication aspect, the organizing committee of the festival launched a campaign to distribute advertising leaflets.

It is expected that the performances will continue at an escalating pace tomorrow, Tuesday, and you can check the shows programs through the official website of the festival.