Yesterday, Tuesday, December 12, 2022, at 10:30 am, the press conference that precedes the opening of the Neapolis International Festival Kid’s Theater was held at “La Medina” Hotel under media coverage from dozens of journalists.

The festival director, Mrs. Amina Al-Dashrawi, started the conference by presenting the festival, especially after the two-year interruption due to the covid pandemic. She explained that the festival’s return will be exceptional, especially since the festival activities will take place for the first time between the cities of Nabeul and Hammamet at the same time, which will increase the reputation of the festival and enhance its entertainment, cultural and academic roles.

The representative of Carthage Land Park and “La Medina” Hotel, Mr. Ali Muawi, also intervened, introducing these establishments that will host many shows.

 The 35th edition of the Neapolis International Festival of kid’s Theater will focus on the impact of modern technologies on children between the advantages and disadvantages in relation to children’s theater, which emphasizes the pedagogical role of the festival.

The press conference also represented an opportunity to address the financial and logistical aspects of this edition, as the treasurer, Mr.Jawhar Denguir, presented some figures, the most important of which is the allocated budget, which exceeded 210 thousand dinars, in addition to 7 buses placed at the disposal of the festival.

 He also explained that participants in these events from 13 countries will present about 100 performances, including 15 Tunisian theatrical performances, 14 foreign performances and 20 activities in the center of the city of Nabeul.

It is expected that these events will extend over a period of 8 days, starting from December 18th to the 25th of the same month. Estimates of the turnout and attendance range between 40 thousand and 45 thousand people, most of whom are children. 

The moderator of the press conference, Mr. Habib Trabelsi, emphasized the importance of the scientific lectures and talks that will take place during the festival, as well as the knowledge and cultural richness they entail.

It is important to say that the interaction of the journalists was positive and constructive, as they asked multiple questions, most notably about the participating countries and the reason behind the absence of others.The answer was that the festival management had received many requests, some of which were communicated and confirmed, while others were not confirmed, and that it seeks to accept the largest possible number of participants despite some logistical difficulties.

Also, in relation to prices, the executive Committee indicated that the participation fee in most events will be within the range of 5 dinars, and that Carthage Land Park will offer discounts that can go up to 65% for its access.

It is noteworthy that the official opening ceremony will be held in the Odyssey Hall in “la Medina”, Yasmine Hammamet, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and it will include honors and special performances.